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from dehumanization to arms production

何にも言わないで, 声を殺して飲み込んで

Hi I'm Pika, and I like a lot of things everybody else likes.
I sometimes do the art thing, but I'm too shy to post half of it.

❥ food ❥ yume nikki ❥ danganronpa ❥ fullmetal alchemist
❥ reading ❥ writing ❥ gaming ❥ space ❥ tmnt ❥ music

those living for death will die by their own hand


Though we meet from time to time, I want to see you here once more.
I want to hold your hand, so I won't get lost.
We'll talk until sunrise, we'll walk until sunset
Let's stay like this again tomorrow, and the day after.

Like light and shadow, always together.
If the two of us never met,
I would never find this much happiness.

That time I feel troubled, you hugged me tight,
With that crowd of discouraged people surrounding us
Let's go to that place where no worries can reach us.
If I have a dream I can't make true on my own,
I'll take you with me on a journey after it.

You're a half of happiness to me

:heart: -Pyuri


:icondahub: :iconglitterquark: :iconmissingskeleton: :iconofflcer: :iconpuffinpoffins:


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starsyncracy Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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starsyncracy Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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